USA: The New York City Ministry of Health will ban consumption of CBD products in public places

The other day, the health bureau under the government of New York City announced to the public its decision to completely ban the use of CBD containing products in public places, such as clubs, bars and restaurants. Despite the fact that technically, the CBD was completely legalized throughout the country along with the technical cannabis, after the adoption of the bill on agricultural reform at the beginning of the year, a representative of the bureau told the press that extracts of CBD could not be used in public places until formal certification products with substance by local sanitary authorities.

“At the moment, restaurants and bars of the city will not be able to serve customers products containing CBD supplements, for the reason that the safety of this compound for human consumption has not yet been verified by the local sanitary services,” the position of the city health ministry states . “After the safety of food additives containing CBD will be confirmed by doctors, we will consider the possibility of legalizing the consumption of this category of products in public places.

Of course, many shops in the city, which for several years had been free to distribute CBD in the form of food and drinks, reacted negatively to such an unexpected offer. For example, Dorothy Stepanovskaya, who owns the hemp Flower Garden coffee house in Queens, said that she, along with several other businessmen of the district, would protest against the new law, because it literally threatens the existence of a legal business.

“We see no point in making such a decision,” she tells reporters. “In our products there is no gram of psychoactive THC, which causes the characteristic hemp intoxication. CBD is a medicine, not a drug. I do not see any logic in limiting the spread of this substance! ”

As Miss Stepanovskaya notes, many entrepreneurs working with cannabis expected new restrictions of the market from the city authorities, however, the new decision passed all permissible features, directly threatening their business.

“We were waiting for us to be forced to get licenses to trade, or to ban certain types of products, like sweets, but not a complete ban on CBD products,” she says. “This ban literally instantly made us bankrupt!”

Further action by the city mayor’s office:

Mayor of the city, Bill De Blasio, has not yet announced his position on the new restriction, however, journalists report that he approves of the work of the Ministry of Health in New York.

“In matters of sanitary control, I would prefer to trust the position of experts of the city Ministry of Health,” said De Blasio. “Listen, some of the best doctors in the country work in this service, and if they say that there is a risk in selling CBD food, I would prefer to trust their positions. So far, I have not personally communicated with representatives of the Ministry of Health, I am sure that they have rational justifications for the new ban. Somewhat later, I will be able to describe in more detail the further fate of this ban, however, first I need to study the problem in more detail and communicate with experts. ”

CJ Holmes, the owner of Fat Cat Kitchen in Manhattan, said that the city’s sanitary inspectors had already begun to block the sale of food and beverage to the CBD since last Friday when they described all of its coffeehouse products. “At the end of last week, a couple of inspectors in suits broke in, asked a bunch of questions, unpacked the extracts in packages and left in an unknown direction, without telling us anything about what was happening,” Holmes said in a conversation with journalists .

“We don’t even know what we could break,” Holmes continues. “In the end, I had to call the Ministry of Health of the city itself, however, no one there literally knew what a CBD was! Only the third operator on the phone has guessed what a CBD is, and only after she searched for the term on the Internet! In other words, these people confiscate our CBD, while not even understanding what they are fighting! ”.

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