USA: North Carolina Parliament Considers Cannabis Decriminalization Act

The other day, a bill was presented to the North Carolina Parliament proposing to decriminalize cannabis personal use to state citizens . Besides the fact that the bill legalizes the storage of up to three ounces of ready-to-eat cannabis, as well as cancels any form of criminal and administrative sanctions against violators, he also proposes to organize an amnesty system for people who have previously committed misconduct related to cannabis. It is assumed that a fee of $ 100 for filing a formal petition, such violations can be completely eliminated from the personal history. Unfortunately, the reforms will relate exclusively to the use of cannabis in plant form and in the form of liquid extracts. Eating hashish and hemp food is still strictly prohibited.

The author of the bill, Senator Paul Lowe, tells reporters that he is actively attracting his colleagues to support this bill. “In general, we are gradually moving in the right direction,” he says . Last year, Mr. Lowe tried to conduct a similar bill of decriminalization through parliament, but without much success. “I learned from the failure of the old project, making some adjustments to the new version of the bill, with the help of which it will be possible to win over the more conservative-minded legislators.”

In general, since the end of last year, the state legislature has been determined to undertake decisive reforms in relation to cannabis. For example, last November, MP Kelly Alexander addressed the meeting with a call to support the process of regional legalization, which, in recent years, has reached the east coast of the United States. Alexander, elected in 2009, throughout his career, has repeatedly advocated campaigns aimed at expanding reforms related to medical marijuana.

Among other things, public opinion polls show that for a couple of years, the sympathy for the full legalization of cannabis has increased among the population of North Carolina. In addition, many community leaders, such as district heads, members of both political parties and major businessmen, support the idea of ​​regulating the marijuana market in order to gain social and financial gain .

Finally, it is worth noting that the state is unlikely to ignore the idea of ​​settling the recreational cannabis market, since the region is already actively developing the branch of technical plant production. As a member of a trial program of limited legalization of the cultivation of technical hemp, North Carolina, has been involved in testing the profitability of this type of farm for several years, eventually coming to impressive economic results. As of the end of 2017, the state was one of the country’s leading centers in the production of technical hemp, with 2,500 acres of cultivated area . In the same year, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC and Hemp, Inc. settled in the state, building the largest plant tissue processing plants in the country.

With the formal legalization of technical hemp at the national level at the beginning of the year, it can be expected that the region’s technical hemp production sector will continue to grow at an extremely dynamic pace. For your information, from the beginning of the year, the University of North Carolina administration reports that about 500 farmers signed up for a special course in cannabiship for a period of two years, in order to master a new branch of a now legal and profitable economy.

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