Research: How Does CBD Work in People with Anxiety Disorder?

Research: how does CBD work in people with anxiety disorder?

How cannabidiol therapy (CBD) can affect patients with anxiety disorders has been independently investigated by student Jonah Decker and colleagues from the categories of economics, biochemistry, social sciences and psychology. The aim was to prove whether the relevant patient could be helped by taking cannabidiol (CBD) regularly. One of them is the fight against the so-called “social anxiety disorder”.

People with this type of phobia are afraid of being seen by other people as “strange”. Depending on the severity of the disease, this leads to more or less serious restrictions in daily life. An estimated 7 to 12 percent of the world’s people suffer from social phobia. Currently, this form of anxiety disorder is treated with either psychotherapy or drug therapy (often thymoleptic).

Various studies have suggested that cannabidiol may have a positive effect on the effects of social anxiety disorder. In the recent past, several people have already given the opportunity to medications containing CBD. The industry’s profits are increasing. Interest is growing. It’s a placebo effect, isn’t it? How or can cannabidiol even help cure or reduce anxiety disorder in this case?

Basic documents for research on cannabidiol (CBD).

A study by student Yona Decker and fellow students was characterized by the following key findings:

  • Duration of training is 30 days.
  • Before and after the investigation were compared with each other.
  • 15% CBD oil was consumed by 19 subjects, 18 subjects – without their knowledge – received a placebo (in the form of rapeseed oil).
  • 40 subjects (or 37 because three of the participants dropped out of the study) who were on social media, had an average age of 32 and had an anxiety disorder with a degree in social anxiety disorder.
    Before the study began, of course, the participants were examined by a physician for any health limitations.

CBD study result.

After thirty days of the study, it was found that in 17 out of 19 cases and an average of 32%, the anxiety scores of subjects who used cannabidiol (CBD) improved, to put it more

Clearly: before the study, the level of anxiety was 4.1 (on a scale from 1 (no discomfort) to 5 (very severe discomfort)), and after 3.2. Perceived anxiety symptoms were reduced with cannabidiol intake. In contrast, the placebo was not significantly effective.
If there is a social phobia, research suggests that taking cannabidiol may be beneficial and advisable at an appropriate dose.

This also applies to appropriate compatibility during the investigation. Only one subject was briefly overtired. Otherwise, test subjects tolerated cannabidiol oil (CBD) optimally.

The cannabidiol dose remained relatively low during the study.


Research has shown that taking cannabidiol (CBD) regularly can actually help combat anxiety disorder based on a relatively low dose of social phobia. However, it should also always be remembered that the subjects consumed CBD oil themselves and in their familiar environment. Consequently, consumption could not be precisely controlled.

Since there was no improvement in anxiety disorder, it can be assumed that the overall placebo effect could be excluded with rapeseed oil treatment.

However, making the study more meaningful will require a larger group of subjects. In this regard, it has not yet been scientifically proven that cannabidiol oil (CBD) is actually the most effective treatment for anxiety disorders. More comprehensive alternative research is needed here.

What is cannabidiol?

When it comes to CBD, countless people think of cannabis and thus a banned substance. But: unlike cannabis, which contains over 80 different chemicals, a cannabinoid, and therefore cannabidiol (CBD), is not psychoactive.

Thus, the participants in the study, which was also already studied in studies by scientists Zuardi, Crippa, Garrido and Vicert-Ana, benefited from its calming effect.

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