Cannabis as a cure for insomnia.

An Australian study tests the effects of cannabis on people with chronic insomnia.

Insomnia, also known as “insomnia” in medical jargon, is a serious illness that has grown steadily over the past several decades. According to the DAK Health Report of the Federal Republic of Germany, every tenth citizen suffers from chronic problems with falling asleep or sleeping. In the United States, the estimated number of people with insomnia is about 30% of the total population. If insomnia is left untreated, it can lead to serious psychological complications such as depression and paranoia.

Sometimes doctors use sedatives or psychotherapy to treat the disease. The latest results from an Australian study show that the use of cannabis in treatment produces significantly better results.

The study was initiated in 2018 by the Australian medicinal cannabis manufacturer Zelira Therapist, led by researchers from the University of Western Australia. The subjects were 23 people with severe and chronic sleep disorders. For two weeks, some of the subjects were given a cannabinoid tincture made with THC and CBD injected, while others received a placebo. Sleep quality was measured according to various criteria. Digital sleep trackers showed the depth of sleep on monitors. Subjects were then questioned in detail about their sleep experiences after each night. The Severity of Insomnia Index (ISI), a medical scale that helps doctors measure the severity of symptoms, measures whether sleep is improving or worsening.

After two weeks, it was found that those subjects who received an active dose of cannabinoids fell asleep faster and their sleep quality improved steadily. The ISI fell more than 26%, according to researchers. According to the subjects themselves, the quality of life was significantly improved by improving sleep.
The participants who received the placebo did not have any improvement in sleep quality over others.
Peter Eastwood, the head of the experiment, concluded that this study, more than any other insomnia study, confirms the therapeutically highly effective value of medicinal cannabis.

The cannabinoid tincture, which a company called ZLT-101, whose composition falls under a trade secret, has been successfully tested in other studies in patients with pain. Despite their physical complaints, they were able to fall asleep faster and sleep longer. However, research has also shown that daily consumption of the tincture can lead to the rapid development of cannabinoid tolerance. Possible consequences are resumption of sleep disturbances. In any case, the study is considered conclusive proof that medicinal cannabis is a natural alternative to chemical drugs for insomnia. Thus, in the future, this form of treatment will take a special place in modern medicine.

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